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Christine Lavulo

(801) 898-2744

Nani Kala: A Beautiful Life Coaching


What would life look like if...

You could let go of fear and pursue your dreams?

You had relationships that felt peaceful and brought more joy?

You got that promotion?

You started that business you always wanted to do?

You were in your best health?

You had financial security?

You had freedom in your schedule?

All your relationships were fulfilling?


I assist others to overcome the fears, blocks and limiting beliefs that hold them back and develop custom strategies that they can implement to create their most beautiful life!! Whether you are just wanting to get to the next level in your life, or you're looking to make a huge change in your life, I would love to help you  in that next phase of your life! Contact me today for a free consultation, or look at my Workshops and Seminars!


Christine Lavulo is passionate about helping people create their most beautiful and authentic life! She has been engaged in personal development since a very young age.  But it wasn't until she found various energy modalities and hired a life coach that her life really began to change.  Now she is sharing her extensive knowledge and experience to help others create a better life. 

Christine is certified in the Transformation Code as a practitioner and coach, as well as Ho'oponopono. Her greatest accomplishment is becoming a Certified Jack Canfield trainer for The Success Principles. She continues to search for ways that she can learn and grow. 

Christine has been married for 20 years and has 5 sons, and 2 grandson. She enjoys dancing, singing, watching movies, quoting movies and songs. 


How I Can

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